2017 girls temperament variable hair styles

The following is the 2017 girls temperament Variety hair styles, interested in crush may wish to look!1

Trimmed the sense of long hair styles, but it can be a very good show cute feeling, slender Liu Hai hair modification is not perfect face, dressed in black and white sweater, fashion can reflect the rich atmosphere of 2017.


Long curly hair styles on the basis of a simple half-tail design, revealing the smooth forehead, the overall gives a fresh and refreshing feeling, side oblique bangs increased elegance, full of vitality girl Fan Fan.



Side long hair styles to create a fluffy texture, in the visual has a very good full of head feeling, playful action, wearing a long fashion sweater, nice and lovely!



Very fashionable retro style long hair, fluffy messy long hair hair styles, wrapped in a beautiful face in which exaggerated Mickey hat, like a fairy tale out of the Barbie doll, sweet and lovely.Above is part of the girls temperament Variety hair, like the may wish to look!