2017 female small fresh natural short hair set

When the weather gets hot, cut a refreshing natural short hair the most appropriate, but because of this, I especially for you to bring the 2017 women small fresh natural short picture of a large collection, so that you can choose from their favorite one paragraph.

“Sleeping” head hot for so long, high status in the fashion circle, broken will not lose power this year. And cut a “sleepy” style natural short hair, it is naturally lazy to the extreme, and there is no lack of fresh and fresh feel and personality, really charming.

The most natural short hair is just like this simple to take care of the bar after the bar, half of the hair is popular in the volume of the tail under the tail of the cute and playful, Liu as far as possible comb, you beautiful The forehead can let everyone see, and very refreshing.

Natural light sense of the fullness of the air Liu Haihao leaves head = small fresh, it is beyond doubt, just the shoulder length of the natural short hair is moderate, wild do not pick people, after the perm on both sides of the volume of the outer tail of the cute cry, modeling enough Trendy special, you can not live up to the title of your tide.

To be a small fresh girl, your natural short hair can not be too exaggerated, fashion had just been appropriate, and this air Qi Liu buckle wave head short hair just pure, simple and not from the trend, even hair color is natural black brown , People see very comfortable, to ensure that 100% meet your requirements.

This flax in the sub-wave head natural short hair is simple and no lack of soft Meng sense of thin on the thick design is very layered, full of hair tail buckle and face, so an excellent cover of the young MM baby fat face, Very thin Slightly fluffy short hair naturally not exaggerated, so doubly fresh.

2017 female small fresh natural short hair set, several different short hair have their own charm, which in the end is your favorite?

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What must you know when you buy a most realistic wigs?


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How do I Choose A capless wigs?

Choosing the right capless wigs style depends on a number of factors including  your face shape, personal preference and the coloring of your skin and  eyes. Budget is another thing to think about because the price and  quality of wigs can vary drastically. Wigs come in synthetic or natural  human hair, which affects both the price and the quality of the wig  style. Wigs are worn for a variety of reasons from fun to disguise hair  loss, so the best wigs will suit your needs and be appropriate to the  reason you are wearing them.

The Pear shaped face features a distinctly narrow forehead. The cheekbones and capless wigs essentially broaden to showcase a wider look, while the chin adopts a rounded shape.

You need to find the biggest capless wigs stockist in your area. Go early, you will get the best out of the staff, inform them straight up what you want to do. Try them on, including the ones that you feel won’t suit you.

Your face shape is the starting point to choosing a style that flatters you and all the capless wigs and hairpieces should come with the shape of your face. If you not sure about which kind of wig style will be most flattering on you, following the under suggestions to find the wig that matches with your face perfectly.

chose a colour that would ge with your skin, try something close to your natural hair colour it will make it hard to to suspect it’s a capless wigs! unless you wanna go crazy with th hair! then chose what makes you happy! for the cut! you can pick any style really that you feel fits you! good luck

Diamond face with these natural hair styles design really good ride

Diamond face sister because the face cheekbones high, most of the time people feel relatively cold, but many people simply not this character, and sometimes because of this miss these things, so the diamond face sister want to make changes, in fact, Do not take the risk to do changes on the face, you can try to start from the natural hair styles, choose the right hair can have a feeling of no.


Want to modify the diamond-shaped face, do not have to do changes, choose a nice natural hair styles to cover the modified face can have a different feeling, hurry to see the following diamond face hair is not suitable for you.


This kind of clever use of thin natural hair styles cover the forehead, both sides of the hair and close face will face smaller, while the cheekbones are not so prominent, although the whole person looks very imposing, but no one is difficult Close to the feeling, the United States and the United States is very attractive.


Straight natural hair styles wave head is also modified with oblique bang face, the side of the hair after the ear can make the face looks three-dimensional, there are thin around the cheekbones do not look prominent, the other side of the hair cover the cheek, so there is a new The contours of the face, looks fresh and sweet, that all wood has a cold feeling.


With the buckle natural hair styles cover the forehead to change the face, and then both sides of the fluffy hair in the visual modification of the face, so that the diamond-shaped face cheekbones are not so prominent, change the charm of the whole person’s temperament.


Fluffy long curly natural hair styles face modification face, so that diamond-shaped face becomes thin little face, so that my sister does not look so cold, but more sexy.