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Cosplay wig how to wear?


1, first of all, they have wrapped a good hair, clean up, with a clamp fixed.
2, the cosplay wigs (party wigs) from front to back in order to bring the forehead with the forehead to withstand the wig, and then hands to pull the wig back, cover all their hair.
3, sorting broken hair. Check, the exposed outside of the broken hair also into it.
4, comb the wig. Adjust the wig around, with particular attention to the ear position, and then comb with a good comb.
5, upset hair. Spray hair gel, the hair hand random grasping chaos, looks more natural.

How to wear a cosplay wigs [close your hair] Role: to put away their hair and improve the head type. Short hair girls can skip to the next step points:

① the hair is divided into four areas, respectively, with the rubber band in the flat back of the head, and then four hairs close to the scalp in a clockwise rotation with a small black clip fixed, this can improve the original flat head type Into the convex type; (of course there are many different hair collection method, here only to introduce this one)
② the black clip to the head in the hair, to avoid the hair hook to the hair network;
③ and then spray a little stereotypes of water to hair around the circle around the hair docile;

Products & Tools: rubber band, small black clip.

Role: the real hair are wrapped in the hair inside the network, so that more sets of cosplay wigs-type head. Points: from front to back, wearing a relatively low front, and then slowly pull back, so as to ensure that no trace of broken hair to stay in the hairline below. The two hands holding hair sets of temples, began to wear on the head, it should be a little bit forward when the mirror has been put on the observation, and then hold the head with both hands, so that sets of hair to move back to the right position until.

[Wear wigs] Role: transfer Dafa points:
① remove the cosplay wigs (hair extension), combing, spray anti-hair mania agent. Nylon wire must use steel comb or comb! Wig can not spray products!

② to seize the two sideburns to bring wigs (front lace wig);
③ check the head type – if the cosplay wigs does not look empty is not good-looking, you can clip the ear clip after the two fixed;
④ finishing the hairline, sideburns and sub-line.

Wig normal care is also very important, pro to pay attention to oh ~
Saying what the real hair of super-troublesome that, do not pay attention to the knotted T T