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The first choice for the Spring Festival temperament hairstyles for short hair

Liu said that the design was the most significant temperament, the most goddess Fan. However, in the short hair is even more charming atmosphere, and let you be a temperament in the Spring Festival goddess, dare not try? Then take a look at this to share the temperament of hairstyles for short hair, make a decision!


Goddess of temperament in the sub-simple short hair more intellectual feminine. Ears on both sides of the hairstyles for short hair hot volume, after the golden brown hair design, simple and generous design, but also to show elegance and charm.


Fluffy abundance of egg volume head shape with bangs in the modeling design, so that girls face look more refined. The very curvature of the short curls so that the whole shape is not only more sweet, but without losing the charming temperament Oh! Spring for a hairstyles for short hair like this, keep returning high !


A simple and generous in the sub-buttoned pear head, while the sub-bang with a slight buckle in the perm hairstyles for short hair design, both stylish and Xiuyan face-lift. Curl of the curl of the tail after a slight buckle inside the button, you can look more natural.


This and that more or less the same, this section of the bangs designed to deepen the curvature of the perm, so that the hairstyles for short hair is more soft. But also better modified face shortcomings. Like this little girl can try this hairstyle for the Spring Festival Oh! Can make your temperament rapidly.


Obviously, the micro-volume of the buckle in the sub-sub-submarine perm design, than the straight-bang in the more bangs, a charming temperament. Both sides of the long bangs like waves, like undulating, adding a lot of charming feeling, so that the whole shape becomes more mature feminine. Royal sister who, but this is your first choice for one of the spring hairstyles for short hair. Let you easily create a charming and elegant temperament!

So a variety of hairstyles for short hair are divided into different temperament characteristics, both fashion and repair Yan. Is definitely your first choice for the Spring Festival hairstyle!