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What do you know about lace front wigs?

The hair is knotted a few strands at a time into the lace creating a very natural appearance that can be parted or styled to your preference. A small amount of lace front wigs is left unknotted at the hairline so that the wearer can cut off the excess to follow the contours of their natural hairline and this gives the wig a very natural invisible appearance.

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This is a much cheaper way of making the lace front wigs than a full lace, where the entire cap is made of lace and so tales much longer to knot the hair in, usually 2–3 weeks.


The quality of the lace front wigs will vary according to the grade of the lace (french, swiss or synthetic), the type of hair (synthetic, human, temple hair, remy, virgin) and the general standard of production.


They can come in glueless versions which attach with clips or adhesive versions where the lace front wigs is attached by means of wig tape, liquid adhesive or a combination of the two.


They can lace front wigs anything from a few weeks to a few years depending on the both the quality of the wig and how they are cared for in terms of washing, conditioning, maintenance.


We have a blog which has lots of useful articles about lace front wigs, and also a FAQ section on our website which will answer your questions in more depth and is also filled with useful diagrams and pictures.

2017 lace front wigs pictures should not be missed


2017 a yearning for a year, with full of hope, to wait for the arrival of the year, but fashion can not wait, as a beautiful mushroom cool, you want to know 2017 will be popular lace front wigs style? I today to share several 2017 hair distribution pictures, fashionable wild should not be missed.


It is suitable for a small round face girls Liu Qi braid compiled a lace front wigs, white rounded smile, with a lovely hair band, more Jiaoqiao pleasant.


Keep the shoulder-length lace front wigs mushroom cool, you know how to take care of hair? Take care of oblique bangs made hair styling, white face, simple fashion is more wild.


A light colored coat, a collocation no bangs fluffy side long hair lace front wigs, white tender and delicate face, are more beautiful and greasy.


Winter girls how to take care of the lace front wigs better? This is a deep brown hair Takama Oko hair, collocation Qi Liu under the smiling face, the more sunlight.