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Short real hair wigs pear head for the image of girls extra points!


Short real hair wigs pear head hair is always easy to capture the hearts of the girls, you want to add points to the image you must come to Jiaoqiao short hair pear head shape Oh!

Short real hair wigs pear head 01
Black natural hairstyle looks very shiny, crushing bangs shape with the wind to create a casual style, and with just the right short hair pear head even more literary young women’s breath, not only personality fashion is also very temperament Oh , Who would not like?


Shortreal hair wigs pear head 02
In the bifurcated design has always been able to outline the most delicate face characteristics, and the end of the micro-Alice’s design so that the entire section of short pear head more Jiaoqiao pleasant, with the same good face to make the overall image more attractive Oh, you have to try it!

4 3

Short real hair wigs pear head 03
With a black natural short hair pear head, this is relatively more personality Oh! Oblique points of the bangs designed to add a trace of feminine temperament, and subtle pear blossom design makes the whole paragraph more fluffy hair style, no matter from which point of view are very full three-dimensional, very fashionable.


Short real hair wigs pear head 04
Have to say, this just-shoulder short hair pear head is really charming to no side! Oblique points of the bangs with the buckle of the tail so that girls are exudes handsome charm of personality, supple and neat pear head modeling really pink and pleasant Oh!


To a suitable good-looking short hair pear head, not only Jiaoqiao Xiu Yan can completely enhance the personal image temperament Oh. How can such a hairstyle do not like?

How do you take care of your real hair wigs?

Hair is a very important aspect for women, to the extent that alot of them feel that it defines them to a large extent. I have meet cancer survivors who said that they fought through the entire cancer treatment bravely and were ready to fight it again when it reoccured, but broke down when the thought of losing their real hair wigs came to them. Most of the people do not take care of their hair as often as they should and generally people start from having dry, damaged, too thin, or losing hair scenarios. We actually did a study on this sometime back and posted this article. It just mentions the oils people can apply to their hair and take better care of it. We are researching some more and coming up with different aspects of hair care and I will be posting those as an edit later.


  1. Coconut Oil – Most widely used and recommended. It has alot of anti-fungal properties and is used for dry real hair wigs and fighting dandruff.
  2. Jojoba Oil – Used to combat real hair wigs fall. Be careful and find out if you are allergic to it (some people are). It helps thicken hair.
  3. Olive Oil – From our kitchen to our real hair wigs. It is an excellent moisturiser. It is suited for people who are taking care of rough or damaged hair.
  4. Almond Oil – Also used to combat real hair wigs loss in many cases. It is used to combat split ends and hair that is dry.
  5. Castor Oil – Too strong on its own, but often mixed with coconut oil can promote real hair wigs growth, thicken hair, and condition as well.


I wash my real hair wigs with a sulphate free shampoo that includes red pigment (I’m currently red) every other or every third day. I condition after every other shampoo with a red pigment conditioner, and let that sit for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing. I use only lukewarm water to wash my hair.


At today’s real hair wigs appointment, my sister will be trying a new additive for color that should help protect my hair from damage.

How to distinguish, select the real hair wigs and artificial wig

1. Any extraction of one or two real hair wigs, with a lighter burn, hair will turn into a black ball of fire, hand gently rub it into a powder, smell a kind of scorched protein taste. Fiber made of fire will become a hard ball, rub not open, and there is a smell of nylon burned.

01 03
2. The maximum temperature of heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees -200 degrees, so you can choose a strand of real hair wigs with a straight clip or point coil with the maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heating straightened or bent, there is a hot paste that is hot wire , No hair paste is the real hair.

02 04
3. really hair surface layer of real hair wigs cuticle, a bit like a fish scale, along the touch of time, very smooth, but in turn touch the time, I feel not very smooth, “Zi” about the sound, which is a Very professional way to distinguish between true and false hair.