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Temperament short hair, build all kinds of temperament beauty

Short hair is also very temperament Oh, the following I will take you to see those who are very beautiful temperament short hair.


Black supple short hair, looks very healthy feeling, oblique Liuhai gives a gentle feeling, and the effect of modified face is also very holding Oh, intellectual sweet, very obvious temperament.


Fashion sense full of yellow and white short hair, broken bangs, fluffy short hair, more fashion sense, super handsome, very obvious temperament, there are some non-mainstream feeling, cool and stylish short hair.


Highlight the lovely sweet oblique Liuhai short hair, super sweet taste, very cute, hair ornaments on the head a little more sweet, brown red hair, look more pink face, too good to read.


Exquisite facial features, catch the sub-over, ultra-temperament super-beautiful, red-brown short hair, fashion and yet feminine, a look back, how many boys spike ah, beautiful.


Qi Liu, significant eyes also look very cute Oh, both sides of the short hair modification face is very good, very temperament, the workplace woman plus sweet girls temperament, a little light Mature feeling.


Five short temperament short hair, there is always a suitable for you, intend to cut short hair can be considered!

2017 fashion short hair let your charm eye and playful

Perm hair shape whether it is perm or short hair perm, have a unique charm of personality, and short perm shape is more easy to reduce age, charm eye.Refreshing short hair with a micro-volume perm design, how perfect combination of it! If you also want fashion both playful, then the short perm hair will be very suitable for you!


Gentle and short hair is always able to give the most temperament of the visual enjoyment, with the abundance of the wave of perm so that the whole hair more mature atmosphere of fashion sense, oblique bang is the whole hair with each other, perfect plus Minute!


Fluffy BOBO head short hair cute, oblique bangs perfect design show exquisite small face features, and hair tail of the abundance of perm design so that the whole shape looks more full, fashionable and refreshing.


In the brown short hair with a very personality, accompanied by curling perm shape so that the whole person is full of charm, every move are emitting a fresh and beautiful temperament, hair tail of the unique perm is the whole shape to produce an unparalleled sense of fluffy!


Shoulder short hair with a natural Qi Liu style, filled with sweet and pleasant girls temperament, and the arc of the small perm design with beautiful lines for the hair to increase the sense of fashion, and dark brown hair color low-key does not play, the whole hairstyle Are very nice and wild!



Out of the hair color will not be difficult to accept, but to short hair adds a unique new ideas, and the most unique is this short perm is just a slanting bangs at the hot roll design, fluffy texture hot well modified face also Full of natural temperament with nature, very nice.short hair perm can not only reduce the hair caused by too little embarrassment, but also for the overall temperament to bring the feeling of fashionable play, people can instantly charm bursting!