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Why do America women love short wigs ?

When you relate a happening to a friend, it may be considered a short wigs and may only contain one or a few sentences.  Most books have numerous stories within them, stories within stories, it keeps interest going.  Many of us may personally have three or four or even more threads of stories running through our lives, some of which may be independent of the others and some of which are entangled.   As long as a story has a beginning a middle and a conclusion or outcome the length can be grown or shortened to fit the requirement.  For example a school project may ask for 200 words, a magazine may ask for 400, a book 10,000 etc.   If a teacher is asking for a short story she is generally looking for you to communicate your writing skills and your understanding of what a story is, but from this she may well also uncover your creative abilities.


It can be as short wigs as you want. For example, Japanese haiku consists of 3 lines of words but a deep sense is hidden there. You can make a story even from two – three words and still it is a story. If you are interested in this topic find on custom papers  a research on the shortest stories have ever written. I’m sure you find it very useful and unusual. Moreover, there are online tools that can help you to make such stories. Once, I found a website where person explains the sense of these stories and describes the circumstances which influenced on it.


Well, an interesting question you have asked. If i tell u it can be as small as a word or lets say as small as a letter.
Wondering how? Let me explain you this way. A story has a message right with a tale.
Take an example, “apple” does it have a tale and a message. Of course! And not one but thousands.
Another one, this time lets take “short wigs“, it does have a tale and  message.