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Super tide cool Skirt hair color

In this year, the hair industry is the most hit is undoubtedly a dancer hair! This time you may be puzzled, what is the skirt hair, do not hurry, there are super tide cool skirt hair picture to you, come and see what the skirt hair is it!


Skirt hair, that is, your hair tail trimmed like a skirt and then color, highlighting your distinctive hair tail shape of a hairstyle. Which in turn within the button wave of the skirt hair made by the most beautiful and most beautiful three-dimensional, whether it is a single hair color or mix, are very cool!


Peacock green is very popular recently, it is green with some blue, is a very personal color. In a refreshing short hair on the basis of doing the peacock green skirt hair, it really is very beautiful, far as peacock like a good screen open it!


Big wave long curly hair girl is very suitable for skirt hair, curly curly hair tail with skirt, and then infected with a cherry pink, it is a very romantic and charming feeling.


Grandmother gray + blue skirt hairĀ hair is a kind of fashion and not the feeling of publicity, it is suitable for a personality but restrained girls, so color and fresh short hair is allocated, all year round are applicable.


Light linen has been very popular, but also in a variety of colors are good ride, and this section of the shallow linen + light purple skirt hair is very elegant and charming, but also with a very fantastic feeling!