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2017 latest perm-wig types exposure, influx of men must-see!

In 2017 the latest positioning perm- wig types exposure you want to become more tidal in the new year is more stylish, you can not look at this period of exciting referrals.


Fluffy, curly hair wig types positioning a hot short hair in addition to very personal, but also allows you to increase the amount of hair, rich layering perm people clean and dry feeling, hair looks a bit like Teddy dog hair, very cute, Is a soft Meng boy will get a hairstyle.


Recently very popular Korean heart-shaped bangs short hair is so good-looking, that is, after the positioning of hot stereotypes, fluffy and clear-cut hair fashion handsome, in the sub-heart-shaped bangs personality and romantic, people can be a glance You attract.


“Comma hair wig types” special shape, because like a ‘number was well known by the influx of people. The comma hairstyle is also need to locate the hot and stereotypes products to shape, and he than the average oblique to the trendy hairstyle, but also repair the face Oh!


Fluffy positioning hot short hair in the new year is still very popular, will be the top part of the hair wig types hot fluffy and a little messy sense, with the wild feeling of legislation now, no bangs shape significantly more than a bangs you Of the slender face, more masculine.


This is a focus on the positioning of perm-wig types hair part of the hair shape, the middle of the hair back, bangs on both sides of the open and inside the buckle shape is very fine, fine hair highlights the sense of freshness, very suitable for fashion rather than the pursuit of procrastination Of the boys.

Five 2017 latest perm-wig types has been introduced for you to complete, I think each is handsome, do not know which one you like it?