What is considered vogue wigs ?


The media has greatly influenced what beauty is these days, most especially the Western Media, because of the influence of the media and standard of world’s beauty, some people are body shamed for being curvy. Although we do not use the word curvy in Nigeria, we use the vogue wigs. And there is a generally accepted use of the Yoruba slang for fat “Orobo” and “Lepa” for skinny.


Another Standard of beauty in the past also was seen in the vogue wigs hair styles, where by Nigerian women in the past rocked their natural hair. A woman’s beauty is seen in her hair style There are Nigerian women who would not let their wives go bald at all. the hair has to always be neatly made.


A note on fair skin: I am ethnically Indian, but I’ve lived almost my whole life vogue wigs in North America. Somehow this obsession with light skin has been passed down through the generations and followed me half-way across the globe. I am elated when people insist that I must be North Indian (because South Indians are generally darker).


I glow when people say I look my mother, because she is incredibly fair and beautiful. I cringe at the thought of getting darker in the summer. I take pride in my big, (light) brown eyes, even though I know it’s foolish to take pride in something that I was born with. I was taken aback when my white friend saw that I was using lightening vogue wigs and exclaimed: “Why are you using that? Your skin tone is beautiful!”. But I continued to use it.


You hardly find anyone who doesn’t make up their faces now especially for vogue wigs.


Hope this helps you!