Do women like paula young wigs?


I have to interject here. I am so tired of reading negative comments about men wearing paula young wigs. Especially from women or men who just don’t understand how it feels to have a part of you taken away without your permission.


Hair loss is a paula young wigs disease and it should be treated as such. People need to start having some sympathy for people who suffer with this disease. They did not choose this, it was something that was taken from them.


So all I can say is embrace your paula young wigs and never regret anything. Don’t listen to the negative people out there who are sheep and can’t think for themselves. If you want to shave your head and you like it that way then that’s fine. And if you want to wear a hair piece then that’s also fine. It’s your decision and it’s about looking good for yourself.


Now something has to be said about how men are unfairly treated when it comes to paula young wigs. Men are expected in society to embrace hair loss and somehow hold onto their confidence like that’s an easy thing to do. That is absolute rubbish and that stereotype of “you are weak unless you embrace your flaws and wear them proudly” needs to end.


The other though less so is time I always have something I should be doing and haven’t had a day where I felt like I could relax in paula young wigs even when nothing urgent I think I should build my self a websight , start an online dating profile go to tech meat ups learn one more useful but time consuming skill and try and network go to gym classes  such as spinning to stay fit and healthy along with the possibly misguided hope to net work and or meat women.