Hot perm hairstyles for what face, round face long face melon face can be!


Corn hot is very in, but what its face it? In fact perm hairstyles, as long as you choose on the shape, round face long face melon face can be!


For the oval face girls, “small and exquisite” is your face the biggest features and advantages, we should not destroy it, a long airĀ perm hairstyles corn perm hair because the volume uniformity, so full of layers, can make melon face The face even more distinctive personality, want to make themselves look more cute, Q Meng half of the ball head can have!


Corn is also suitable for round face, but the perm hairstyles is that you have to carefully choose the length of bangs and hair style, and in the sub-long length of the long-term corn is the most suitable for you, in the sub-Liu Hai can be blocked on both sides of your flesh , So that your face symmetry, so that the central features more prominent, long hair neat and not procrastination, can make you look more refined and refined, this is not obvious it?


Qi Liu Hai long hair perm hairstyles fashionable age, ultra-suitable for a long face with you, so you instantly like a doll as cute. The higher the forehead of the more beautiful beauty should choose the texture of Qi Liu to cover up your shortcomings, so that your facial features more refined three-dimensional, so no one will ignore your beauty.


Diamond face contours too strong, but will weaken our feminine, in addition to make-up face, we can also try this character air perm hairstyles long hair, so that both sides of the long bangs to block your high cheekbones Let the soft perm swept your thick feminine taste.As long as the election on the shape, then the corn hot can be suitable for any kind of face!