How do I get the courage to get a short blonde hair cut as a girl?

Before getting any haircut, remember that your hair grows back. So even if the short blonde hair doesn’t look nice, it’s got a shelf life of say 4–5 months. It’ll grow back again. So chill and get that cut!I had waist length hair in college. I cut them and for long maintained mid length hair a little over my shoulders.

People will say a lot after you do that. A lot of comments will come, some will appreciate your short blonde hair, some will mock you for the step you take. But trust me that lasts not much and every-time you stand in front of the mirror, you will love your new self. You start accepting the fact that you can try many more novice things. Confidence low? Haha, I tell you your confidence will be tripled because of the step you will take for yourself. And ugly? There is no such word that exists.

You will look different. You will stand out. You will look and feel confident. You won’t fade away in the crowd. You will not be just another brick in the wall. You’ll break the status quo and your self-esteem will short blonde hair up.

“short” here is vague because a pixie is short blonde hair, Earlength hair is short hair too. It’s just once you’ve landed on a suitable haircut you won’t have anything to worry abt. But hey it grows back. Take it from someone who has had all lengths of hair from straight up no hair to a pixie to an undercut.