In the women’s wigs pear head workplace white collar essential

In the pear head, whether it is the beginning of the workplace of the new community, or early in the workplace white-collar workers, good women’s wigs for you are to enhance the professional image and confidence in the important part of the feeling. What hair is suitable for workplace and work?


Pear head is more popular Japanese women’s wigs¬†hair, this hair with the tail of the curl inward buckle, the formation of the narrow width of the head looks like a lovely pear. In the pear hair is very lady with some charming, more suitable for elegant temperament girls.


This pear head shape mix and match the tail of the hot elements of hot, sweet and spicy sense of both sides of the cheek buckle the women’s wigs also modified the face, bright personality of the hair is very eye-catching.

In the sub-volume pear flower head is simple and capable. Chocolate brown women’s wigs is very low-key but without losing the texture, broken hair tail of the cut so that hair will not be too boring, elegant sense of full.

Girls hair more slightly heavy, very three-dimensional, to the chin in the sub-long bangs cover both sides of the cheek, demure and elegant. Black hair natural fresh, the overall feeling of competent fashion. women’s wigs tail abundance of the buckle volume, plus the head of the black shape of the hair ornaments, aura full of pear hair style.


Full of texture in the deduction pear hair style. women’s wigs hair healthy and supple, tail tail of the volume is very temperament. Flax brown hair color set off white skin color, with a fur hat, ladies temperament filling.Soft texture of the hair to create out of the heavy pear head, showing the soft beauty of girls, giving an excellent impression, absolutely swept the interview, the meeting.