How do you take care of your real hair wigs?

Hair is a very important aspect for women, to the extent that alot of them feel that it defines them to a large extent. I have meet cancer survivors who said that they fought through the entire cancer treatment bravely and were ready to fight it again when it reoccured, but broke down when the thought of losing their real hair wigs came to them. Most of the people do not take care of their hair as often as they should and generally people start from having dry, damaged, too thin, or losing hair scenarios. We actually did a study on this sometime back and posted this article. It just mentions the oils people can apply to their hair and take better care of it. We are researching some more and coming up with different aspects of hair care and I will be posting those as an edit later.


  1. Coconut Oil – Most widely used and recommended. It has alot of anti-fungal properties and is used for dry real hair wigs and fighting dandruff.
  2. Jojoba Oil – Used to combat real hair wigs fall. Be careful and find out if you are allergic to it (some people are). It helps thicken hair.
  3. Olive Oil – From our kitchen to our real hair wigs. It is an excellent moisturiser. It is suited for people who are taking care of rough or damaged hair.
  4. Almond Oil – Also used to combat real hair wigs loss in many cases. It is used to combat split ends and hair that is dry.
  5. Castor Oil – Too strong on its own, but often mixed with coconut oil can promote real hair wigs growth, thicken hair, and condition as well.


I wash my real hair wigs with a sulphate free shampoo that includes red pigment (I’m currently red) every other or every third day. I condition after every other shampoo with a red pigment conditioner, and let that sit for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing. I use only lukewarm water to wash my hair.


At today’s real hair wigs appointment, my sister will be trying a new additive for color that should help protect my hair from damage.

What do you know about lace front wigs?

The hair is knotted a few strands at a time into the lace creating a very natural appearance that can be parted or styled to your preference. A small amount of lace front wigs is left unknotted at the hairline so that the wearer can cut off the excess to follow the contours of their natural hairline and this gives the wig a very natural invisible appearance.

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This is a much cheaper way of making the lace front wigs than a full lace, where the entire cap is made of lace and so tales much longer to knot the hair in, usually 2–3 weeks.


The quality of the lace front wigs will vary according to the grade of the lace (french, swiss or synthetic), the type of hair (synthetic, human, temple hair, remy, virgin) and the general standard of production.


They can come in glueless versions which attach with clips or adhesive versions where the lace front wigs is attached by means of wig tape, liquid adhesive or a combination of the two.


They can lace front wigs anything from a few weeks to a few years depending on the both the quality of the wig and how they are cared for in terms of washing, conditioning, maintenance.


We have a blog which has lots of useful articles about lace front wigs, and also a FAQ section on our website which will answer your questions in more depth and is also filled with useful diagrams and pictures.

How to distinguish, select the real hair wigs and artificial wig

1. Any extraction of one or two real hair wigs, with a lighter burn, hair will turn into a black ball of fire, hand gently rub it into a powder, smell a kind of scorched protein taste. Fiber made of fire will become a hard ball, rub not open, and there is a smell of nylon burned.

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2. The maximum temperature of heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees -200 degrees, so you can choose a strand of real hair wigs with a straight clip or point coil with the maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heating straightened or bent, there is a hot paste that is hot wire , No hair paste is the real hair.

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3. really hair surface layer of real hair wigs cuticle, a bit like a fish scale, along the touch of time, very smooth, but in turn touch the time, I feel not very smooth, “Zi” about the sound, which is a Very professional way to distinguish between true and false hair.

2017 lace front wigs pictures should not be missed


2017 a yearning for a year, with full of hope, to wait for the arrival of the year, but fashion can not wait, as a beautiful mushroom cool, you want to know 2017 will be popular lace front wigs style? I today to share several 2017 hair distribution pictures, fashionable wild should not be missed.


It is suitable for a small round face girls Liu Qi braid compiled a lace front wigs, white rounded smile, with a lovely hair band, more Jiaoqiao pleasant.


Keep the shoulder-length lace front wigs mushroom cool, you know how to take care of hair? Take care of oblique bangs made hair styling, white face, simple fashion is more wild.


A light colored coat, a collocation no bangs fluffy side long hair lace front wigs, white tender and delicate face, are more beautiful and greasy.


Winter girls how to take care of the lace front wigs better? This is a deep brown hair Takama Oko hair, collocation Qi Liu under the smiling face, the more sunlight.


How severe postpartum hair loss do?Try a human hair wigs


After ten months pregnant vision, accompanied by sounds of nature as a baby crying, the new mother began a great new course. However, in the joy, I suddenly found the comb and hand hair left more than ever, before the hairline began to back, hair began to thinning, hair loss of the trouble is not about to … … gave birth to a baby, new mother How so easy to lose hair? Try a human hair wigs.


This is what we often say “postpartum hair loss.” Women’s hair update rate and estrogen levels in women, estrogen levels are high, the human hair wigs update rate will slow down; low estrogen levels, the hair will update faster. “Postpartum hair loss” is very common, about 1/3 of women in the production of 4 months after the phenomenon of hair loss, the reason, roughly with the following four factors:


Changes in hormone levels: during pregnancy, pregnant women secrete estrogen than usual increase, the rate of human hair wigs loss will slow down, so that the life of the hair extension; after delivery, estrogen levels returned to normal, those ” Service “of the hair will have” retired “, and the new hair is not growing out of time, resulting in hair showing” lean “situation, showing it became postpartum hair loss.


Psychological factors: from the psychological aspects of psychological analysis, women after pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy, the spirit will have a greater pressure, such as childbirth will hurt you? Can I return to the past? Boy or girl? Children will be wrong? and many more. After the production, the new mother from the excited state into fatigue, emotions from the high-pitched into the relatively low, some new mothers will appear vulnerable, anxiety, the cerebral cortex dysfunction, autonomic dysfunction, Scalp blood supply reduced, resulting in hair loss and malnutrition. Combined with breast-feeding, baby care, so that sleep is affected, these are the factors that cause hair loss. Worse still, when the hair off, the new mother will feel uneasy, the formation of new mental stimulation, so the cycle, resulting in more and more serious hair loss,Try a human hair wigs.


Nutrition supply imbalance: As the pregnancy and childbirth for women is a great process of consumption, postpartum recovery of the body, feeding the baby need to have a lot of nutritional supplements. Some women during pregnancy diet monotonous, can not meet the nutritional needs of the mother and fetus, postpartum lactation, if the new mother digestion and absorption of dysfunction, or too monotonous diet, partial eclipse, and even some new mothers to postpartum to keep slim figure and diet, It is prone to nutritional deficiencies or nutritional imbalance, resulting in the body of protein, vitamins or mineral supply is insufficient, thus affecting hair growth and metabolism, Try a human hair wigs.


Improper care of the hair: the traditional concept of the impact of some new mothers in the confinement period, not shampoo, hair, so that the scalp of the sebum secretion and dust mixed accumulation, not only affects the head of the blood supply, but also easily lead to Folliculitis or scalp infection, so that increased risk of hair loss, Try a human hair wigs.


Hope this helps you!


human hair wigs and reissue What’s the difference, after reading this to understand


With the replacement technology continues to improve and upgrade, more and more human hair wigs friends choose hair replacement to solve the problem of hair loss. But there are still many people do not understand what hair weaving hair replacement, mistaken hair weaving hair is a wig. So, wigs and weaving hair replacement in the end what is the difference? On this issue, My interview with the replacement industry professionals.
A wig is an ornament made of man-made hair. According to the material can be divided into chemical fiber and real hair. According to the process of production of hand-made hair extensions and hand.


Replenishment is also called weaving. Knitting is to take its hook woven method is named, because it is the human hair wigs in the form of a manual hook root in the end material, hence the name. The replacement, it is named for his use, because of its beginning, mainly for the hair loss population, that is, how much off how much.
Hair replacement is a new way to solve the problem of hair loss. Whether it is bald, hair thin, or hair all white, or even just want to change the hair, can be made through hair weaving to achieve. Because the hair weave replacement hair weaving in the base film, not implanted in the human scalp, so safe and risk-free. Weaving hair replacement is completed, and then after the pruning and hair design, you can make friends of the image in a short time a great change.


Biological scalp, is a starting point in the traditional weaving, but beyond the traditional weaving process of an upgraded product, is the fourth generation of human hair wigs products. It is Germany’s largest hair products manufacturer German heyday Moore exclusive patented products, domestic hair friends can be purchased through the day cat. Biological scalp represents the epoch-making progress of the weaving process, wearing a biological scalp hair friends, almost no trace of any trace of the point, the root hair is like a new, truly lifelike, invisible effect.


Today, the biological scalp has been made from the material, the bottom membrane, technology and achieved breakthrough development:
Hair material must be made of high quality super-class human hair wigs, and hair according to their own hair to match, to ensure that the hair color, thickness, soft and hard, texture, harmonization.