Temperament Han Fan short wigs so that you and the goddess no longer have a distance

To be turned into a goddess, your hair can not be too frustrating, and cut the following five temperament Han Fan short wigs, to ensure that you will be the United States overturned, one night change the goddess.


Special grandmother gray in the buckle short wigs avant-garde, for the skin of the white sister who add a touch of bright color, so that your temperament to enhance again, turned the goddess did not discuss.


This Han Fan three seven silver white ear short wigs gives a very capable and free and easy feeling, is the temperament Mature love, especially the temperament, and easy to manage, people can not love?


Flax color Qi Liuhai short wigs for the face of small sister paper, handsome reveals a number of playful, is a relatively neutral style, is currently in South Korea super popular short hair, fashion goddess will get.


This is the most popular “honey color”, that short wigs, honey brown, and low-key natural color is very white, very suitable for Asian girls.


Finally, love pretty small series for everyone to recommend this pure and pure style of air Qi Liu short wigs, slightly buckle hair tail over the cover was thin, natural black hair color is very natural look good, the whole hair simple To very temperament.


After reading this temperament Han Fan short wigs type, sister paper who have started by the inability to bear the corner, want to quickly change the type of it? Then ready to go out, go out to change the new hairstyle it!