Temperament temperature in the long hair pear head

In the long hair pear head with temperament temperament, who cut who is more feminine, not much to say, now let us together to enjoy the five latest design this year, the United States and the United States in the long hair pear head it!


Black in the long hair pear head most original beauty, gentle temperament points, and it must be the most lining our skin color. Liu Hai hair a little bit on the positioning of hot, after it naturally show out of the form from the outside, rich sense of silhouette, for the whole pear head to add more personality.


Fashionable light brown long hair after the pear blossoming become more abundance, curled hair tail filament clear, so it is very elegant, bangshou after the hair automatically repair the face was temperament, so you quickly enhance the feminine.


And waist long hair is not easy to stay, so the beauty of course, to take care of and take care of it, and in the pear head avant-garde sweet, plastic Yan effect full score, really suitable for you!


Temperament full of points in the long hair pear head in the addition of hair elements after a bit more than a sense of moisture, obviously more eye-catching, it also shows that as long as we spend more hair on the mind, it will make you more beautiful.


When the gentle and moving long hair pear head encounter cool gradient blue and green hair instantly become different, there is a sense of level with the elegant hair pear can be described as complement each other, the United States and the trend of coexistence ah! In the long hair pear head fashion sense of tolerance, temperament gentle, almost impeccable, how can you not fall in love with it?