Why are young men not paula young wigs?


I think that there’s a stigma attached to paula young wigs a toupee which is not attached to wearing a pushup bra, or using makeup, or shaving one’s legs. I’ve lost some hair, also at an early age. I stay fit and keep things close trimmed. I’m sure some guys have an advantage with much younger women, but I’ve never found it insurmountable.


I’m worried about what other people will think mainly my paula young wigs then co-workers. I’m 23 and started balding at 20 before balding I was good looking now I’m ugly.


But I think the main reason I haven’t got a paula young wigs is the stigma attached to it. If I knew no one would know or there was no stigma I would start trying on wigs tomorrow. The other though less so is time I always have something I should be doing and haven’t had a day where I felt like I could relax in years even when nothing urgent I think I should build my self a websight , start an online dating profile go to tech meat ups learn one more useful but time consuming skill and try and network go to gym classes  such as spinning (witch took a lot for me to convince my self to do) to stay fit and healthy along with the possibly misguided hope to net work and or meat women.


I’m bald. It is what it is. I’m not embarrassed by it and can’t see any reason to mess around with paula young wigs. Also, many women find bald guys to be sexy. For instance, my girlfriend has the hots for Vin Diesel. So, it actually works in my favor that I’m bald.


If a paula young wigs is your thing, go ahead and rock it. But as far as I’m concerned, bald is beautiful, baby.